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Part two of our special season opening weekend.  This one is more about stupid jokes, and all around fun.  Except the one part where we got super real.  Otherwise, just enjoy the ride!










Measles may cure cancer

Solar roadways, are they the answer to our energy problems?:

Molly Ringwald and Juliette Lewis announced for Jem and the holograms movie, how is this a movie:

NASA making unmanned drones to help out on the ISS:

Engineers at the University of Texas develope a nanoengine capable of jet like RPM. Also can help medicine distribution:

Health care system is so broken it’s time for doctors to strike:

Have one of Google’s self driving cars? They’ll pay for the ticket if you get one.

Samsung might be dumping the android OS on their galaxy line for “Tizen” while still having android app support.

Windows surface getting Adobe Photoshop CC.

Occulus Rift is coming to Chuck E Cheese, new virtual ticket blaster machine:

Snapdragon 805 announced. A bit better at everything

So yeah… This exists…

The new Surface Pro 3 looks super legit

New math  has parents and students crying over addition and subtraction.

Organic Nuclear Cat Litter WAT?!

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